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Jasmine's Bulgarian Journeys

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29 January 2005
name: Jody Johnson

comment: Hi Jasmine!  Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website.  I also work with your dad at KidsPeace, but will soon be off on my own adventure in the Philippines with the Peace Corps.  Being able to read what you go through is really putting things into perspective and preparing me for some of the emotional obsticles ahead.

Thanks so much again!

Jody Johnson
Philippines, March '05

11 January 2005
name: Markeith Mason

comment: How are you. You probably dont know me but I work with your Dad at Kidspeace and he is stressing about why you dont update your website. Take care

27 December 2004
name: Mandy Capps

comment: Hey Jazzy Jasmine!  I miss you and your spunkiness but am so proud that you are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

I realized from my latest travels to Korea that my concerns here in CO ( or the states) seem trivial in comparison.  Keep it up honey!  I miss having you as my "partner in crime" and motivation.  :)

10 December 2004
name: Brei-ann Johannes

comment: Hey, I just wanted to say that I was thinking about you.  Hope you are doing well.  Michael and I got you a special present for you.  Thanks for wanting to be a bridesmaid.

It's me too! (your loving little brother) Just wanted to say hi. I have an email in the works for you as soon as this blasted quarter gets done and it will be soo loooong you won't be able to sit through it in one sitting. - or something. :)

9 December 2004
name: Jeff Kroll

comment: It's neat to see the website very complete and working.  Early on in your absence I did not have success in seeing a working web site.  I think I followed most of the links.  Very enjoyable.

This Sun. I basically get a break from the pulpit as the Sun. School kids do their Xmas program at Memorial Auditorium.  Should be fun.

Hope you can be in touch with family around the holidays and that you'll have a safe and fun time in Germany.

Remember that I pray for you just about every day.  (To that end, looking over your recent prayer requests was a big help.)  Tonight is Prayer Mtg., so I'll make sure to update people there.  They often pray for you on Thurs. night.


P.S.  Don't forget, when you get internet access you can keep in touch with some of what's going on at Grace by looking at the calendar and sermon note sections of the website.

What were your favorite summer camp experiences?

26 June 2004
name: Mary Miller

comment: Hi Jasmine!

I'm enjoying reading your journal! I don't get the Travel Channel on our cable tv so you can take its place! It sounds like you are experiencing such wonderful things!

Zach just got married a couple of weeks ago and he & his wife say they might go into the Peace Corp at some point. I know nothing about it so it is interesting to read about all you do.

As far as camp experiences that you mentioned...I just came from Lost Timber Bible Camp. I don't get out of the kitchen much :( but the kids were having a great time of fellowship, learning, singing, etc.

Take care...we will be thinking of you!


Random Comments from Friends

26 August 2004
name: Steven MacDonald
comment:  Hi Jasmine!  I am praying for you!

23 August 2004
name:  alexsander
comment: mnoo qk site! ;)

22 August 2004
name: Sheri Hall
comment:  Hey Jasmine!  I've been thinking about you and praying for you during your adventures.  Thanks for keeping us informed!  It sounds so amazing to see God's indescribable greatness in a different part of teh world.  Praying for you!

27 May 2004
name: Becky Teerink

comment: Hi Jas!!  Happy birthday one day late!!  Did you get to celebrate at all?  I sure do miss you.  Remember that you are in our thoughts.  Love ya lots!!

23 May 2004
name: Lindsey M. Schenck

comment: Hey hunnie~ We miss you at group on Thursay nights.  We think about you all the time.  Have a happy birthday on Wednesday (thats right, we all know) and be checking the mail in the next two weeks!  Luv you tons and I'm praying for you.

8 May 2004
name: Michelle Nath

comment: Hi Jasmine -

Sounds like it is very exciting.. I am sure that you will have a lot of learning experiences. I find it very neat that you have this website so everyone can see how things are going for you. Well will share more thoughts as time progresses. Just thought you would like a note so say hi.

6 May 2004
name: Brei-ann Johannes

comment: Sounds like a lot of fun!  I think that you have a nice place to live with a wonderful family.  That sure is very neat to be learning Bulgaria and i am sure in a few months you'll be working at speaking it fluently.  Sounds like a great experience.  It great to know that your happy, and safe and enjoying it. Keep us updated on how you are doing. 
Luv, Brei

26 April 2004
name: Gwen

comment: Hey, Jasmine, the Group Leader--how are you doing?  We miss you at Young Adults!  Will pass on your update to everyone there.  Love & prayers

18 April 2004
name: Katie Soderholm

comment: Hey Jasmine - I'm praying for you!  Hope you get there safely, and have  a great time!!  God bless!

16 April 2004
name: Gwen

comment: God bless you and your family as you are saying your goodbyes and setting out on this adventure.  Be a bold witness for Christ as you bring God's light to your new home.

Thanks to those of you who have posted most recently!  I love hearing from my "fan club"!  :)  God bless you all! 
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