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Jasmine's Bulgarian Journeys
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Although we stayed primarily in Marmaris, Turkey, we did see some other sites along the way.  You are even able to enjoy it from the comfort of your home, rather than from the cramped seating of a bus.

Edirne, Turkey (border town)

Marmaris, Turkey

Icmeler, Turkey (suburb of Marmaris)

One of the seven wonders of the world.


Kusadasi, Turkey

My friend was here to visit me over Easter and she wrote about my village on her site.  She also has some pictures of Kochan on her site.  It's found in the "Muslim village/Easter" album.  You can also see some pictures from my trip to Lom ("Orphans Day Out" and "Baseball Game: USA")

The Gilmore Grapevine

I've provided some links that will help you see Prague as a whole, rather than a step by step tour.  Enjoy exploring this beautiful city.

Prague: Czech it out!

A daily updated Prague site

Since returning from Greece, I've decided to make a virtual tour so that you get a better idea of what I saw while there.  It should be a warm and fun "trip" for you all!






Rousse, Bulgaria's prettiest city.  At least my opinion is that of the authors.  Check out why he (and I) make this statement.


Bulgaria held their parliamental elections on June 25th.  Here's an news report of the results.

Election '05

During one of my visits to a neighboring village, I had the opportunity to see a wolf, recently killed.  After reading the news article, I find that wolves are even more common in Bulgaria!  Yikes!

Wolves in Bulgaria

Bansko is a happening ski resort town that I get the priviledge of visiting quite frequently, as it's only two hours from my village.  Check it out here!


German traditions have spread throughout the world.  You may be surprised at where "our" traditions originated.


Silvester - New Year's Party

Because of my travels through Germany, I have provided a list of links that relate to places I visited.  Hopefully you can learn more and be entertained on your virtual tour.

German Autobahn

Erfurt Cathedral

Kyffhäuser (Barbarossa)

Barbarossa's Geocave

Weimar, Germany

Goethe, poet

Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Wartburg Castle

Martin Luther, brief history

Saint Elizabeth

New York Times published an article about Plovdiv, a city close to my training site.  I've even been to some of the places they write about in this article!  Check it out.

New York Article is here.

To get a general idea of what I will be doing in Bulgaria, check out the Fulda Free Press, April 25th, 2004 edition, or click on the link.

Fulda Free Press article.

Hopefully, I have provided a link to an interactive map of Bulgaria.  The red star is Kochan, the village in which I live in.

Bulgarian map

The BTV news network has a Bulgarian website.  I'm not sure if you will be able to read it (first because it will be in Bulgarian, but next because of an American connection).  Anyway, I hope you get to see the picture they have of Kochan, which happens to lead to the school and the road to my house.  Here's the link. :)

Kochan story.

If you are interested in more information on the Bulgarian president, Georgi Parvanov, click on the below link.

Bulgarian President

For more on the history of the Rila Monastary, click on the below link.

Rila Monastary

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