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Jasmine's Bulgarian Journeys
Prayer Requests

Ways to pray for me.

My prayer page includes a variety of prayer requests and praises.  If a praise is not posted, the prayer is still a request.

26 June 2006
  • Praise!  The time the Texas group spent in Bulgaria was great!  I was blessed by their presence and they were able to begin building relationships with Bulgarians.
  • Flights:  The Texas team as they return home; my family as they come to Germany; my flight to Germany; and all the in-between traveling we'll do before we return to the U.S.A. on July 9th.
  • The continued work the Texans want to do in Bulgaria (helping expand businesses, teaching English, building relationships, etc.)
  • Those that I am leaving behind.
  • For the next phase in my life; that God might reveal his plans and that I would hear him.

5 June 2006
  • Praise that I have been systematically finishing projects and utilizing my time!  That I may continue this great phenomenon!
  • The Texas group is coming next week!  The director and I have found them a house to use and are now looking for a car (so that they will be able to drive from the center to the house and vs.).  Meals are almost all taken care of, except for those last minute details.  (Bulgarians also always wait for the last minute, which is nerve wracking for Americans...even after two years!)  And although only a few students have come up to me to officially sign up for the course, it seems that there is a huge interest.  Now for those kids to come!  Little by little, things are falling in place.
  • Substitute teaching!  I agreed to teach the middle school students.  I think I'm crazy.  This cuts down on free time, but it also gives me a chance to grow.  I worked with the young kids and now I get to use my "disciplining" skills on the older ones.  It definately takes a different approach.

29 May 2006
  • For me to be a good steward of my time.  I know that I'll have a lot of time free starting June 1st (I'll only be teaching four hours a week) and I have a lot of work to do at home.  It is possible that I will waste all this time, leaving for panic and chaos when I would rather take the time to say good-bye to friends. 
  • Final preparations for the Texas group and for willing students to study while they teach their English course.  Also, for translation to not be a problem!
  • My village and their huge amount of time spent in the fields!

22 May 2006
  • Thanks to my vacation in Turkey, I had time to catch up and read some books.  During my reading, I was convicted of my laziness and am now attempting to live a more disciplined life.  This includes waking up in the morning for devotions (instead of squeezing this into a block of time during the day) and working on my eating habits.  God's wake up calls are coming even when I don't expect them!
  • Praise that I'm still healthy!
  • There will be a group of five from Texas coming soon (June 13th) to Kochan to teach an English course.  Please be in prayer and they prepare to come and for last minute plans to fall into place.  They are also hoping to install white boards, but they haven't arrived yet.  Also pray that these arrive within the next few weeks.

18 May 2006
  • Praise that I am healthy again.  Although I just was informed that I have e coli which will need to be treated with medication.
  • My trip to Turkey.  I am with the twelth grade class.  They are quite unruly and there are no rules for them to follow.  Please pray for their safety and a pleasant trip.  Sunday we return.  Also sunburns.  There are lots of students not takıng precautions in the sun!
  • I am planning a birthday party for my golden birthday for my closest friends for the evening of May 26th.  Pray that all goes well and everyone has a good time (and no hard feelings for those not invited).
  • I will be finishing up my elementary classes at the end of May.  Pray that I make it through the books and get fair grades to all my students.

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"Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy."  Psalm 86:6